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Our Community

The Sonoita Crossroads Forum is a group of local citizens who work together to keep the many facets of our wonderful quality of life in focus. All interested people are invited to attend their quarterly presentations and working group meetings.

The Sonoita Chamber of Commerce meets every third Wednesday.  More than 30 local businesses participate in the Chamber.

The Sonoita-Elgin Emergency Services Inc. volunteers respond to our crisis situations and keep us safe. They include volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and dispatchers from the local area. SEESI hosts monthly luncheons, as well as rummage sales, auctions, barbecues, and dances to raise funds to provide our community with a highly trained and modernly equipped emergency response force.

The Sonoita Buying Club is a group of local folks cooperatively buying organic and health conscience products from the Tucson Cooperative Warehouse. The Buying Club is a cooperative and any local resident is welcome to join. If you are interested send an e-mail note to the coop coordinator.

The Sonoita Bible Church is an interdenominational church.  Phone (520) 455-5779.

The Mustang 4-H Club has groups for local kids who want to raise a wide variety of livestock, learn how to train and care for dogs, polish home management skills, and refine their presentation and leadership abilities.

TheHarvest Christian Ministries is a full Gospel interdenominational church.  Pastor Ed Schaeffer conducts worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm.  Phone (520) 455-5505.

The Sonoita Fairgrounds is host to many local activities from rodeos to Little League to estate auctions.

The Sonoita Community Library is located at 3147 Hwy 83 in the County Building.  Phone (520) 455-5517.

The Patagonia Union High School District provides high school classes for the students moving up from Elgin Elementary School.

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