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Storm Photos

Sonoita enjoys wonderful light shows during the monsoons.  Light and colors dance in ever-changing choreography.  The lightning is bright and plentiful, creating spectacular strobes.  And the thunder accompanies as tympani and cymbals.   What theater!

We frame-captured these photos from a VCR.  We did not retouch or modify the colors.  This is really what the storm looked like! 

storm000.jpg (14054 bytes)
storm001.jpg (13418 bytes)
storm003.jpg (14000 bytes)
storm004.jpg (19576 bytes)
storm0051.jpg (17201 bytes)
storm009.jpg (12587 bytes)
storm011.jpg (14645 bytes)
storm012.jpg (11895 bytes)
storm013.jpg (11813 bytes)
storm019.jpg (12649 bytes)
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